Ares - Download the world’s favorite P2P file sharing programs, offering unlimited free downloads. Finding Music, Videos, Games, Software and much more, 100% free, with Ares Galaxy!

What is Ares Galaxy?

Ares is similar to traditional P2P file sharing software, but blows the competition out of the water. First of all, our software is 100% free and open source. Secondly, there are no speed limits, no transfer caps, no seeding requirements and no hidden costs. Ares is free to download and free to use to your heart’s content, now and forever!

Innovative Technology

Ares Galaxy automatically splits every file into tiny sections and downloads these from a large number of peers simultaneously. When all the mini-transfers are completed, Ares reconstructs the file into a copy that is indistinguishable from the original. Thanks to this mechanism, Ares can boast about being among the fastest P2P networks to download from on the net.

Ares Free Download

Pretty much any kind of digital file can be shared via the Ares network or downloaded from the BitTorrent community with Ares. From books and HD movies over music and pictures to software and video clips, Ares has got it all! And on top of all the regular downloads, Ares also offers many dozens of free TV and Radio streams built right into the interface so you can watch or listen on the go!

Ares Galaxy Features

The amount of features included with Ares Galaxy is too large to enumerate, but here’s a selection of some of the most remarkable ones: amazingly fast transfer speeds, handy media library to store and organize content, free chatrooms with file sharing features, live audio and video previews, advanced customization and control features, live TV and radio streaming, and the list goes on and on!

Ares Media Player

Another reason to get our free Ares download is the free inclusion of the popular Ares Media Player. This is a fully functional high quality media player with advanced playlist and display options, full-screen and high-definition modes and responsive playback controls. The Media Player can be used to preview unfinished downloads too, so you’ll never get stuck with the wrong file again!

BitTorrent And Live Streaming

Proving that Ares Galaxy is continuing to evolve to become the greatest and most popular downloading client on the internet, the most recent versions saw BitTorrent support and Live Streaming added to the already long list of amazing features. We update Ares regularly with new features based on user feedback. Ares - Download the latest version free today.

100% Free Software

We believe in free software. That's the greatness of open source. Ares - Download our great P2P file sharing software onto any computer including machines in commercial places and organizations. Ares Galaxy requires no registration whatsoever, and is as simple to use and setup as can be.

How To Install Ares Galaxy

Get Ares Download via the installation file (click on the big green button). Once you have the setup file on your PC, double click it and follow the easy steps in the automated installation process. A few minutes later, Ares Galaxy will be installed on your machine and you’ll be good to go!

System Requirements

Windows 7/Win8/Win8.1/Windows 10
Supported for Windows 32-bit and x64 Editions