Ares – How to Maximise Download Speeds. Part 2.

If you was on the blog last week you would have maybe come across Part 1 of this guide. If not, feel free to hit the logo at the top of the page where you will easily find last week’s entry. Today we carry on with our conclusion. Part 2 of how to maximise download speeds within Ares Galaxy.

What makes the situation worse is that when you delete a file from your hard drive, it doesn’t actually delete the file but instead just deletes the index to the file itself. This is what’s known as a dirty sector of data. If you’ve ever done a disk defrag before you would have seen the different colours as pictured below.

A conventional hard drive is mechanical where as a Solid State Drive is non mechanical. It does the same job (loading and saving data) but in a very different way.
Data on a SSD is stored on interconnected flash memory chips which have major benefits for Ares Download.

Think of this more like a jigsaw puzzle rather than a train track. Because there are no moving parts, any block of data can be accessed almost instantaneously. Access times are greatly increased due to no moving parts, and even better they can access several blocks at the same time with the same minimal latency. Whilst some of this may be technical, it really does all work together to provide a more stable platform.

Every computer has a different amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) whether it be 2GB, 4GB, 8GB etc. RAM is volatile memory where as hard drives are non-volatile. The latter means that regardless if the device is turned on or off, it saves the data until you delete it, where as with RAM, it will flush the data when you power down your device. You dont have to worry about this with Ares Free Download as it manages these tasks automatically, but we felt this was worth explaining.

Gaming is a bit different, but for this guide we’ll concentrate on multi-tasking. Let’s imagine you have IE open with 9 tabs, Word, Photoshop, Antivirus running in the background etc. When you switch from one open application to another, the reason it’s an instantaneous switch is because the temporary data (From whatever is running) is stored in your super fast RAM. Even with the super fast speeds of SSD’s, RAM is much, much faster.

In previous version of Windows, once you had used up your RAM pool, your computer would offload the least used data as a pagefile to your HDD and recall it as and when was needed. This would then free up some RAM again, and keep your computer running smoothly. This would also apply if the RAM pool wasn’t fully used up but you hadn’t used a running application for a while, i.e. you had Photoshop minimized for a period of time. The problem with this if you’ve been following, is that hard drives are slow. So now you go to switch to back to Photoshop and your computer has to grab the pagefile and bring it back into the RAM.

So what’s changed with Windows 10 RAM management? Now (Unless vital) Windows 10 will compress this unused data but keep it in the super fast RAM. When you now go to recall Photoshop which has been idle for a while, it’s uncompressing it from the RAM, rather than pulling it back from your slow hard drive. This is a big change and an important one for performance. If there’s one thing to talk about with Windows 10 in terms of performance increases / system resource usage, its RAM management. But that’s it for today. Be sure to bookmark our blog to continue reading in the next part of our guide in how to maximise Ares Download speeds. To install, or to find out more please visit our download page @ Ares Download

We hope you’ve enjoyed this small but complex understanding of how computers work in conjunction with Ares Galaxy software. Stay tuned for more exciting pieces as we head forward.

Ares – How to Maximise Download Speeds. Part 1.

Ares Galaxy, the nations favourite peer to peer software application uses and relies on various technologies from the computer sector. The geeks of the world all helping our P2P app make it to the top spot. But what kind of technologies do we rely on and how can they assist our software? Read on to find out more what helps Ares Free Download run at full speed.

Die Size. This is the size of the chip itself. Moors law states that roughly every two years processors become twice as powerful, or half the size. (Admittedly that is starting to slow down for the first time in 50 years due to the increasingly smaller die sizes found in today’s computers) Having a smaller chipset means we can gather as much data as we want, whilst remaining to impact a small footprint, in terms of our cost per file initiated.

The more transistors you can fit into the same die size, the faster the processor becomes as the pipeline between transistors is shorter meaning a quicker connection from one transistor to the next. Shrinking the die size also reduces the amount of power required to feed the processor. This is partly why battery life can be increased from previous generation processors which feature a larger die size when it comes to laptops. If using Ares to download files onto your laptop, the last thing you would want is your battery draining so fast that by the time the file was ready to play, your computer being dead on power. Another benefit is heat output. Less voltage to a chip, means less heat created which in turns means a more efficient processor as processors work much more efficiently when kept cool. This is great news for Ares Galaxy.

As far as technology has come on in terms of CPU’s, (Central Processing Unit) a single core CPU can only execute one piece of instruction at a time, though at super fast speeds. If you have a dual core CPU, you’re able to execute two pieces of instruction at any one time and so on. When using P2P programs, the more cores you have the faster you can gather that data.

Thread = is what feeds that information to the processor itself. It’s the pipeline carrying data to the hardware (core)

Hyper-threading is where each core has two threads. The easiest way to explain this is to imagine your mouth being the processor, and your hand being the pipeline that feeds that information. Your mouth can only eat (process) food at a certain rate regardless of how much food (information) you feed it. However what happens if your mouth finishes eating and your hand hasn’t yet got more food from the plate to feed your mouth? That’s non efficient as in this scenario, your mouth (the core) is not actually doing anything and is idle.

For Ares Download, this is not ideal. If you had two hands (hyper-threading) one hand could queue up the next bit of food ready for when your mouth was empty. In essence, this is what hyper-threading does. It queues up the next piece of instruction ready for when the core is ready to process that piece of information. This is great for multi-tasking. If you had more mouths, and more hands, this would be like having a quad core processor with hyper-threading (4 cores, 8 threads). This shouldn’t be confused when looking at task manager (Task Manager > Performance) as this will always show threads as cores which is not the same thing. Having more physical cores is always better. Once that file has started to make its way to your computer though we leave the world of Hyper-Threading, and move into another area that maximises our Ares Download file transfers.

Remember, a Quad Core processor without hyper-threading is better than having a dual core processor with hyper-threading. (4 cores / 4 threads vs 2 cores / 4 threads)

If you’ve ever used a computer for a length of time, you know that they slow down over time. This is because of how conventional mechanical hard drives work. Imagine a train track. Windows is at the very start of the drive, and thereafter are your programmes / files that you have placed/installed on the drive. When you tell the computer to load a file or programme the ‘train’ (arm, as pictured below) has to move down the track (platter) to get to the requested file. This is slow, not efficient and draws a lot of power as its a mechanical moving part. If using this kind of technology Ares Galaxy has some tricks to combat this problem so do not fear, the Ares Download team is here.

Be sure to check back for part 2.

Ares Software enables free downloads at astonishing speeds

It’s minus five, and the boffins in the office are busy working away on some advancements to the ever popular growing peer to peer software available on the world wide web. Ares Galaxy is now used by people from all over the world from offices to bedrooms, whether it be searching for the latest music album or the best chick flick to watch curled up in front of the fire.

Ares software enables one’s self to find free files and folders whilst being able to download at astonishing speeds thanks to the back end peer support system. Why wait for an infinity for your media files to be ready when you can have them faster thanks to the clever coders who spend their time perfecting the best ever P2P software.

Did you know that with Ares, in the time it takes to read this your computer could be speedily transferring files over our download network system, ready for you to view by the time you get to the end of this handy tip?

There’s some pretty cool films that have been released lately, have you found them all? Now’s the time with this weather to sit down and relax, open a bottle of wine and unwind with the power of Ares Free Download’s.

Once your files are ready, simply double click to open, and enjoy your media content be it on your PC, phone, or tablet. That’s the power of Ares Galaxy Peer to Peer. If you have a library of files, you can find them easily using the in-built search function. More in depth information regarding the search system can be found over on our FAQ page.

The great thing about digital media content within our software, is the ability to share with your family and friends as easily as one two three. If you’re in the process of waiting for a particular slow transfer, Ares features a time saving ability of being able to freely preview and play files in advance that are in the process of their download. With such cool features, what’s not to love?

One of our favourite features of the best P2P software program is the extensive support of codecs meaning no need to worry about incompatibilities of your favourite digital media content. One software, one platform, unlimited experiences.

Be sure to check back frequently or bookmark the blog for the latest tips, tricks and upcoming features to Ares Galaxy.

Ares Download – We’ve got you covered!

It’s Friday, and the weekend is here. While some people will be getting ready to hit the streets later on this evening, the cold is drawing in. If you, like us are going to be indoors this evening you’ll probably be looking for some form of entertainment to relax and unwind from the stresses of the week. Thankfully for you, Ares Download has you covered. Whether it be finding a film to watch with the partner, an album to listen to over dinner, or maybe an e-book to sit by the fire, Ares is sure to have you covered. And with that special day rolling in on Sunday, you’ll want to be prepared with your files and folders.

Here at the offices, our minions will be working away at making the next version of Ares Galaxy the best it can possibly be. We’re currently looking at introducing new media player features, and for those with Kinect, gesture functionality. How cool is that?! That’s right, you heard us correctly. The latest version of Ares P2P will hopefully feature gesture control as well as voice activation. This is something we have been working on for a while, though we’re still in testing stages before we’ll be ready to release it into the general public version of Ares Galaxy.

Do you use Ares Media Player? If so, you’ll love some of the stuff we have planned. It’s all about extending the feature set, whilst keeping to a simple form factor. That’s what a media player is all about. From a vast support of codecs, to being able to easily navigate your files and folders. Films, movies and TV shows are always being played in Ares P2P so we’re striving to enhance the platform further, for you.

Ares Free Download, free to keep. Now and always. We’re also working on the website to optimize the site for touch devices, and would appreciate your input. If there are new implementations you would like to see, feel free to drop us an email with your thoughts and suggestions. We’ve decreased the file size of Ares Download as well, meaning less waiting and more playing!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner now is the time to unwind, and take the stresses away before Monday comes rolling at our doors. We’re not sure if it’s just us but those weekends don’t half seem to fly by!

Ares Galaxy remains the best P2P software program on the market today. Free, powerful and packed full of features its bound to not disappoint. So if you haven’t already, head over to the download page and get in on the action. It’s never too late to start having fun and join the crowd. Enjoy the weekend, turn up the volume and let’s get ready to party. Stay tuned to the blog as we’ve got some exciting news and new content coming soon.

Ares Free Download Suprasses 100M users worldwide!

Ares Download has now been installed on over 100 million machines worldwide! That’s a fantastic growth for the ever increasing popular peer to peer software and shows the dedication from the team behind the scenes. From where we started to where we have grown today can only be celebrated by reaching this significant milestone. To help spread the word, if you have not yet already installed Ares Galaxy make sure to visit Ares Download today and let your friends know. We rely on word of mouth as we never advertise our software. Being Open Source software means everything is down through viral advertising as our developers come from all over the world and it would be impractical to do so in any other form.

We’re stoked to have reached over 100 million users and envisige this number growing ever more so as more new features are added over time. We’re busy working behind the scenes on version 3.12 which will see the inclusion of some much requested features!

The weekend is nearly with us. It’s quite chilly over here, so whilst your reading this, our team of hamsters are busy grinding the wheel trying to get the next release out as soon as possible. With advanced features and optimized for touch, we cant wait to show off what we have in store and are sure the fans will be pleased. If you’re currently using Ares Galaxy Music, you’ll be pleased to know this section will see some of the much requested items bought to flourish in the next version.

For now we hope you enjoy the weekend. With only one more day to go, now is the best time to unwind from the hard week at work, and use Ares Galaxy to find the latest movies, films, music and games to relax. Ares P2P will do just that, and make the process a simple one. Head over to our download page to get started, and if you’ve already done so, you’ll find a great write up on our FAQ page going through some of the basics in regards to setup, usabily, and general questions.

Ares Download – Free for the masses.

Ares Download – The best, most extensive P2P program on the market

What makes free software loved so much by users from all corners of the globe? Is it the fact that it doesn’t require one to part with their hard earned cash, or is it for a different reason? It would be easy to assume the reason for the popularity was due to the fact that the said software didn’t require a licensing fee, but that’s a general misconception.

Once upon a time, all software costed the end user to part with cash. In exchange they got a piece of software that did a specified job. That job may have been transferring files, remote access, or finding media files to source over the internet. But as the internet has grown and expanded over the years so has the competition. Enter the world of Free Software. To compete against the big boys, you have to start somewhere and that’s what Ares Galaxy did, and has done for many years. To get it’s name out there, it needed to be different from the major players and so was born Ares Download.

Another advantage to not costing money, is that it keeps the license open. Open Source Software has major benefits to licensed software. One of which is that anyone is able to contruibute to the end code. If someone feels they can improve on a piece of software they dont have any restrictions in place and can add their skills and knowledge. In the end it helps the software grow in terms of features, and abilities. It fixes bugs and those pesky annoying errors. Ares Download does just that. It allows users from all over the world add to the code, making it the best P2P file program available on the internet. Finding the best files from all corners of the globe.

With every revision of the ever growing software comes new features, new bug fixes, and sometimes even GUI interface updates, such as those that were introduced to take advantage of Window’s 10 optimized for touch features.
We love the way the community has helped Ares Galaxy grow over the years, and we’re pretty excited to see where the software giant can go over the next 1, 5, and 10 years.

Ares Galaxy will always remain free to download, and we’ll always keep the licensing open. After all without the end users, where would be today? If you haven’t yet experiences the best P2P client, head over to today.

Ares Download – Media Player, P2P, and all great things.

Ares – Download it today and open up a world of possibilities. From the ability to download a multitude of files, to having an open source media player capable of playing the most obscure of file formats.

Ares Galaxy gives you the freedom to browse and play at the same time. Being more productive means you can get more things done with the one thing that is precious in life, time. Ares Galaxy enabled the end user to spend less time searching, and more time enjoying your multimedia content, from games and applications, to videos and music files.

One of the great things about Ares Free Download, is just that. It’s free. Unlike other software’s available on the world wide web, Ares P2P doesn’t charge for it’s greatness. By remaining an open source platform, you the end user gets all the benefits from the vast amount of people from around the world that contribute to this ever growing platform. Rather than being limited to the skill set from those within one company, getting restricted on what they can and cant implement into the software, Ares varies in the sense that anyone from all corners of the globe are able to contribute to the ever growing success of the worlds best file sharing program.

Over the years we have seen new features, new back end implementations of ground breaking technologies, new user interfaces, and much requested end user features. We care about our customers, and want them to have the best experience possible so as usual if there any features you would like to see, if there any bugs you would like to report… you know what to do. Hit that contact button and let us know. After all, without feedback and input, software would never change and develop for the better.

So if you haven’t yet tried Ares Galaxy yet, what better time than now. Simply head over to our download page found at and click the download button to get started. In a matter of minutes you could be searching the IoT for your favourite files. Who knows what you may discover.

Ares Galaxy P2P – The Worlds Best File Sharing Application. Open-Source Software at it’s very best, and 100% free.

Ares Galaxy, The User’s Favourite P2P Client Download

Ares Galaxy, the user’s favourite P2P client download has got even better since the integration of the latest and final version of Windows. We have updated our client to make it lightweight as possible, and hope to release Ares in app form in the near future.

Using tiles, you’ll be able to glance and see when one of your download has finished, when a user messages you, or when there are config files to look at. All from without having to load the Ares client itself. This is something that is still being worked on, but hopefully we should have some exciting news for you soon.

We’re currently not far from the testing phase, and cant wait for you to see the new features that have been added into the application.

Ares Media Player – Did you know there was a media player built right into Ares Galaxy? Enabling you to play previewed files as they are in the process of their download you can play the file in question to make sure the quality is as expected. No more waiting for your Ares Download to finish to find out if that file was a blurry copy or a HD rip. That’s the power of Ares P2P.

You can also use Ares Galaxy Media Player to play your music collection whilst you are sorting out your download queue.

Simply import your collection, or choose to load files on the fly. It’s the same for music downloads. You have the ability to preview and play your files before they have finished making their way on to your desktop.

For users who have updated to the latest version of Windows, will now find that touch features have been optimized too. So now you can use your keyboard shortcuts as per before, the keyboard and mouse itself, and lastly touch input.

Ares will always keep updated with the latest features and technology, from the user interface perspective to the back end coding. If it means a better experience to our members, we’ll happily send the elves out to work away in the snow.

One of the questions that has been raised has been about the ability to use Ares Galaxy’s interface with a pen or stylus. This fits into the touch perspective, so of course this is supported. If you have a compatible device you’ll find your stylus will work just like using your finger, or a mouse.

To find out more, and to get Ares Download, simply visit and remember to check back on the blog frequently for the latest tips, updates and any other exciting news we may have to share about the worlds most widely used P2P client.

Ares Galaxy: Free of cost download for easy file sharing

Ares Galaxy: Free of cost download for easy file sharing

Ares Download is an open source bittorent client which is 100% free of cost to download and use for the end user that enables easy sharing of various files from multiple users around the world. Because the tool is open source, anyone and everyone is able to contribute their skills and expertise into making the platform ever better. This is one of the main benefits of open source software compared to licensed, not to mention the fact that Ares Galaxy is free to download, and always will be.

There are various sites which charge for downloading the source code. Please do not fall for such scams and make sure to download only from recognised sites. Some software development companies tend to release their own customized version of Ares Galaxy which is strictly “subscription only version”. Users are WARNED not to fall for the paid version of Ares as there are no so software differences. The original Ares Galaxy client can be found either at and sourceforge. Rememver, Ares P2P is, has, and always will be free software.

Ones the user has installed the tool, the client opens up. The user is asked to pick a name (username) and then the client connects him or her to the network. At this point, this is where the magic happens as you’ll find a magnitude of files at your fingertips.


There are multiple options available but users won’t need most of them. A guide that is provided on our FAQ page explains most of the things of benefits, and if that fails, the chat room within the client itself is a great place to meet new and exciting people to share tips with in terms of configurations and getting the best download speeds.

Another thing is the BitTorrent configuration. Users might wish to change its configuration. Ares has the capability to download and automatically configure BitTorrent as a default Torrent client. To make changes users can go to Control Panel and choose appropriate settings in BitTorrent.

Search and other contents

It is hard to find indexing sites and Hashlinks (like used in Instagram) for Ares unlike BitTorrent and eDonkey. For this Ares has a built in search engine as an alternative. It is easy and faster to search in Ares. From the upper navigation bar, users just have to click Search. Even today most of the people use this option to find files. This simple search can provide, or at time annoy the user with by huge amount of content which is usually unsorted. It is totally dependent on their preference. The network is quiet large due to which the content availability is also in a huge amount, particularly when it comes to music.

It is also dependent on star ratings. Downloading spend will get faster as per the star ratings of the file. The more the stars, faster will be the downloading.


Users will note that under “transfers” all the transfers are going in and out. While testing it was also noted by the developers that it took some time for Ares download to start while others began just after some moments. When there are limited or rare sources available, it can take a few seconds or minutes to start the Ares download.

Head over to our download page to get started 🙂

Ares Galaxy Features – Search, Download, Play.

Ares, a free chat program and an open source bittorrent enables its user to share all types of digital files like audio file, video file, software doc and many others. It helps user to easily publish their files through P to P (peer to peer) network. Every member of virtual community can search or download any file which is shared by other users. Allowing its users to host their own channels, it provides chat room to meet new friends.

Ares Galaxy can automatically find different sources and can download files from multiple users at ones. Ares download options are really intuitive. Its capability to download files from multiple users increases the speed of users download. It requires zero configuration and works behind firewall which is the famous log analysis software for traffic monitoring.

Ares is specifically built to share small files, an example would be MP3s which gets interesting when user wishes to download separate album tracks and not the whole album. It supports torrent and at the same time uses its own network. There is a hell lot of music out there waiting to be downloaded. Ares requires just few seconds or minutes to download one song but if the end user wishes to download some rare tracks, it can take a bit longer due to less people hosting the files. This is typical of P2P applications. Ares follows traditional style of file sharing that comes along with some disadvantages as well.

The software has the tendency to face some connection problems at times and it does face some bugs under Windows 8 though hopefully these will be ironed out over time. Ares download is simple and quick, and most of the time, pain-free. Saying that it is recommended you stay up to date with the software, as this will ensure the least amount of bugs etc.

Ares Galaxy, an old school file sharing tool has survived in virtual community from a long time. But since the last decade when Bit Torrent, Usenet and file locker became popular, Ares Galaxy fell off the radar. The tool complements with other clients like Limewire and KaZaA which is not that popular in market, as it is built on its own protocol which is also called Ares.


  • Built-in Audio and Video player: users can easily preview files which are still in process to complete its download through Ares Galaxy. Play list can also be organized at the same time. Additional feature that Ares provide is that it supports “Shoutcast Internet Radio”
  • Chat rooms: users can host their own chat rooms. Along with that they can also join other channels available for chat and make friends. Creating a chat channel is very easy. Ones the channel is created, one can meet and make new friends along with downloading files at the same time.
  • Library organizer: in the library section, users shared files are organized and synced under different categories. Through those categories users can sort and search files and can easily change “share settings” and select what is convenient to them from the provided options. It has a handy quick search feature which enables user to find required file by just typing keyword. Quick search also increases search speed.
  • Open source: Ares Galaxy is 100% free and open source software. The advantage to this is that users from all over the world can contribute to the success of the ever growing platform.