Ares Galaxy 2.1.9 Release Shows Appetite For Growth

Ares 2.1.9 is the latest version of everyone’s favorite P2P file sharing program and it was released on November 23, 2012. While the updates were rather incremental (mostly bug fixes and optimizations which are not very interesting for laymen and non-geeks), the new release does signal a few things, the most important of which is Ares Galaxy’s appetite for growth!

Get Your Ares Galaxy 2.1.9 Free Download

First of all, click on ‘Ares Download’ on the right of your screen, or click on the Ares Free Download link right here to download and install the latest version. We always recommend using the latest version. Even if your previous version is working fine, you should still upgrade, because:

a)      It’s free!

b)      It’s better!

The Ares Galaxy Is Expanding

With the latest release, our Ares Galaxy team is trying to convey two things:

  • Ares is getting updates on a regular basis and we are trying to remain the very best in P2P File Sharing, regardless of our current popularity slump in the English-speaking world.
  • Ares is getting ready for a big marketing push and continued growth in 2013 and beyond.

The first of these relates to the bug fixes, optimizations and other performance tweaks that’ll make the already amazing Ares Galaxy experience even more amazing.

The second goes beyond the technical details of the newest version (once again, it’s 2.1.9, check your own copy to see if you’ve got the latest one) and deserves a bit more explanation.

How Ares Galaxy Is Preparing For Another Comeback

Ares Galaxy has been in the P2P file sharing game for almost ten years and in this period, our software has known its fair share of ups and downs.

Today, we find ourselves in the somewhat strange position of having a fantastic product with a shrinking user base in the Anglophone world (we are actually growing very rapidly in Latin and Eastern European countries).

In order to remedy this, the Ares Galaxy team is preparing a large marketing push and a bigger net presence. One of the ways this is currently being done is by the preparation of our very own wiki, and by a possible social media campaign.

Of course, as an open source program without any advertisements or spam, we don’t have it quite as easy as some of our competitors do. They have deep pockets, are backed by large corporations, and have steady revenue streams. These monetary means can then be used for large-scale campaigns.

We on the other hand are dependent on our users – and we would have it no other way! Ares Galaxy is made by the community for the community. If our plan for large growth in Europe, the UK and the US takes off in 2013, it will be thanks to the efforts of our users who contribute to our new marketing strategies and spread the word about our program by sharing this website!

So enjoy our new release, know that we’re still 100% behind you, and please help us serve you even better in the future by sharing this website, which has the free Ares download, with your friends, family and colleagues!

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