Ares Galaxy: Beware of the Imitations

While Ares Galaxy continues to provide its user base with the free open source programme, which has built up over many years of hard work and continuing feedback, there are quite a few programmes that have looked to duplicate the free open source software and re-label it as improved and then try to sell it.

These sites are not only popping up all over, but they make claims that are usually false or exaggerated, to get people to part with their hard earned cash. To help you from being fooled by them we have put together this article to see what to look out for, when you are looking for and downloading Ares Galaxy.

Always Free

Ares Galaxy has ALWAYS been offered for free and has never asked for money from its users. This will be the first clue to spot a fraudster, when they make out that Ares Galaxy software needs to be paid for because of ‘continued improvement’ or to have a ‘24hr support line’, this is all nonsense and if you are ever directed to a website that tells you anything along these lines then we strongly recommend you to not download from that site.

Improved Ares Galaxy

The second claim that these false programmes will make is that they have taken Ares Galaxy and improved it in every way, while we can’t say that Ares Galaxy has no room for improvement the current up to date edition, provides you with everything you could want and at as fast a rate as your own connection can provide.

It has the awards, nominations and plaudits, even from competitors, to prove it. What is worth noting Is the fact Ares Galaxy was started in 2002 and has been continually developing and growing from then until now, so any copy of the programme would not have as extensive and proving testing phase, that is something that can only be duplicated over the same period of time and with the same fan base backing the programme.

Added features

The few programmes that we have tested that claim to have all the new added features for the Ares Galaxy programme, have been little more than flashy gimmicks that haven’t added any increase in performance or any innovation from what’s in the current programme.

This being said, we can’t account for every single duplicate programme that might exist, but what we know for sure, is that Ares Galaxy has always been developed to be as efficient and as bug free as possible.


While there are not only the financial incentives to stay with the original Ares Galaxy, there’s also the amount of risk involved with the duplicate programmes. We have heard and seen for ourselves the amount of adware, spyware and other malicious things that can be lurking in the back of these duplicate programmes ready to infect and ruin your PC.

The decision will ultimately fall down to each individual, but we remain convinced that using the Ares Galaxy standard from an official website, is the only way to safely and securely experience one of the best file sharing programmes around.

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