Ares Galaxy vs Frostwire Review & Catch Up

Though Frostwire has always been a contender for the P2P filesharing crown, since Limewire’s shutdown back in October 2010, it has truly become one of Ares Galaxy’s most tenacious rivals. In the following article, we’ll do a quick feature comparison between the two and tell you why (spoiler alert!) Ares Galaxy comes out on top, hands-down.

Looks and appearance

Let’s start with some less important, but still relevant comparisons. The appearance of both programs is mostly dependent on personal tastes.  And, while both have a clean and good look, we must admit that Frostwire probably has the better looking interface, with its trademark blue color scheme.

Similar extra features

Primarily a filesharing program, both pieces of software try their very best to offer extra features to make our online, computerized lives easier. Both programs offer a library, search feature, media player and chat feature. But here are the main differences between the two:

–          Frostwire doesn’t have a direct connection function for people inside a chatroom, making it, unlike in the case of Ares Galaxy, purely a cosmetic feature

–          Frostwire’s media player can only play music and some radio stations

–          Ares can scan your pc for you to look for shareable files

–          Ares Galaxy’s search feature is an Ares network search, Frostwire’s is just a user interface for other torrent websites

Unique extra features

On top of the common features, there are a few that are unique to the programs:

–          Frostwire has a mobile device feature, enabling you to transfer files to and from your mobile device. It’s unclear to us what the point of using this over windows explorer is, but it can be handy, we suppose

–          Ares Galaxy has an integrated media player which handles all radio stations and videos, as well as music files and playlists


The look and extra features, described above, are not to be neglected, but the most important thing for a filesharing program is, of course, the filesharing itself, and it is here that Ares Galaxy truly shines and leaves Frostwire far behind it.

The reason is that Frostwire, since version 5 came out, is now bittorrent only and doesn’t use the gnutella network anymore. In comparison, Ares Galaxy has all the features you can expect from a bittorrent client, and, on top of that, has direct access to the huge Ares network as well! And even if we consider Frostwire’s older, now unsupported, versions as well, which do/did have access to the gnutella network, Ares still comes out on top, because of its higher average speed of transfers and the much smaller amount of malicious files on the network.


Though Frostwire is a good bittorrent client, and has a very nice appearance and an active and enthusiastic user-base, it can not compete with Ares Galaxy on features. With its access to both the Ares network, as well as the bittorrent community, its integrated media player, and more, we can honestly say that, if we could download only one of the two programs, we’d go for the Ares free download any time.

They’re both free though, so nothing is stopping you from trying out both of them, and checking for yourself just how much better Ares Galaxy really is.

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