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With the introduction of the fibre optic broadband and the now easy accessibility of the internet, we want to be able to really take advantage of the speeds we can get. This is especially true when it comes to downloading files across the internet with Ares galaxy.

It can be frustrating when you have a fast internet connection, but you’re always stuck with slow download speeds. The nature of P2P sharing means that it’s not always down to your own internet connection, but down to the availability through other peoples as well, however there are things you can do to help speed up your download speed.

Firewalls are a pain

Firewalls are great for protecting your computer from threats, but not so great for Ares galaxy, unfortunately your firewall will usually see it as a danger and block it, thus slowing down the rate of your downloads. To get around this problem you can allow your firewall to accept the Ares galaxy programme. Depending on your firewall, you just need to add Ares galaxy to the ‘accept’ or ‘allow’ list. There’s also an option to tick the box ‘My computer is behind a firewall or can’t accept incoming connections’ in the control panel screen and under network tab.

While you’re there

There are a few other things you can do, under the control panel screen, if you click on the network tab. The first thing you need to look at is ‘Accept incoming connections on port:’ this is hugely important, because if you’re accepting connections on a port that isn’t forwarded then it will greatly affect how high your download speeds are.

If you’re unsure about port forwarding and don’t know whether it is already done, then you will need to find a tutorial on it, as it is a big factor and one that can take some time sorting out. There should be a lot of information about, but it would be too big a topic to cover here now. If you do have your port forwarded, then obviously make sure you have the right port setting here, so that it’s set to the port you have forwarded.

Unlimited is not always the best

Still within the network settings tab, under control panel, there is the option to set the bandwidth (speed) of the download and upload limit, within Ares galaxy. Now, setting both to unlimited would seem like the most obvious thing to do, as then your download limit would be as fast as it can be, but this can actually slow the download down. What you need to do is find an internet speed tester (should be good free ones about) that will tell you the maximum upload and download speed of your internet connection. Then use each number as your upload and download limit.

Don’t be greedy

A lot of the time people think downloading all the files they want at once, won’t make a difference, but if you do that it most likely will, it’s best to stick to fewer downloads and fewer uploads and then your speeds should be much better. You can stick to one download and maybe two or three uploads and that should then give you the best download speed for that particular file.

It pays to be popular

There are going to be more popular file types out there, with more people sharing that file, so you need to look through each of the files that are available and see which one has the most users sharing it. The more people that are sharing the file, generally means the faster it is to download.

Out of your control

There are other factors that are unavoidable, like your internet provider having problems or other people sharing at slow speeds, but if you follow everything we have listed, then you should experience faster downloads, throughout your time using Ares galaxy.

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