Fixing Connection Problems with Ares Galaxy

For the overwhelming majority of Ares Galaxy users, the program works like a charm. But there have been instances where individual users had problems connecting to the network. In the following article, we’ll cover a few potential solutions to the problem of not being able to connect to the Ares Galaxy network.

Identify your issue as a connection problem

Some people have complained that Ares Galaxy doesn’t connect when, really, all that was happening was that they were using the problem wrongly or were searching for files which didn’t exist on the network! So check first that you’re not actually connected before thinking that there’s something wrong with your connection. You can do this by navigating to the Control Panel. If you’re connected, you’ll see “Connected as (your username)” displayed above the tabs. Alternatively, you can check the “Show status on main window’s caption” option and look at the top of the window in your browser. See the screenshot below for help.

Install a fresh copy of Ares Galaxy

In some cases this works, as there might be some connection issues with very old versions of Ares. Also, in case you downloaded the program from another website, you may have installed Ares coupled with malware/adware and toolbars and the like, so get the clean Ares free download from the download link on the right and see if this fixes your problem.

Check your firewall settings

If you are still unable to connect to the Ares Galaxy network, you may be behind a firewall. Check your windows firewall (or if you’re using an alternative firewall program like ZoneAlarm, check that) settings to see if it is blocking Ares Galaxy activity. Usually, when a program tries to connect to the internet for the first time, you will get a warning from your firewall program, asking you whether you want to allow it or not. But for a multitude of reasons, you may not have gotten this warning or you may have accidentally disallowed it, in which case you need to change the settings manually to allow Ares Galaxy to access the internet. If you don’t know how to do this, open the help file of your firewall program for more information.

Changing the port

Ares Galaxy should automatically set the port for incoming connections for you, but if you changed it accidentally to the wrong number or for some other reason the number is now different, this can cause problems. To fix it, find the port option under Transfer in the Control Panel and delete it completely. Close Ares Galaxy down and restart it, and it should automatically default to the correct port again.

There are a few other possible fixes, such as using a proxy and changing the download folder back to default but the fixes described above are the most common ones as well as the most likely to restore your connectivity and allow you to access the Ares Galaxy network once again.

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