Some Lesser Known Features of Ares Galaxy

Ares Galaxy is an awesome program with its own network of users all sharing an enormous multitude and variety of files. Additionally, it can be used as a media center, for all your audio and video playing needs, and as a communication center as well, allowing you to chat with other Ares Galaxy users around the globe.

And all you need to get in on the action is to get the small Ares free Download by clicking on the download link on the right! But Ares Galaxy has a lot more to offer than its core functionality. There are a host of lesser known, but amazing things you can do with Ares Galaxy, and here are a couple of them.

Playing incomplete files

It’s happened to all of us before. We downloaded something that looked really interesting, and spent some time and effort getting the file, but when we open it, it turns out to be something completely different, or have extremely bad quality, or it’s dubbed in a foreign language, or it has any other conceivable problem that may have been avoided if only you could have previewed the file without downloading it completely first.

Well, if you get the Ares free download, you won’t have to worry about this happening any longer, because you can use the media player that’s built right into Ares Galaxy to play any file, even if it’s incomplete and still downloading!

Sharing directly in a chatroom

You may think that the chatrooms are just for chatting, but you’d be wrong. Any chatroom you enter will put you in direct contact with the other chatters, enabling you to browse their files directly. This is great to find those more obscure files when you all have to go on is a genre or topic!

Showing off to your MSN friends

If you use MSN to chat with your friends, you can automatically share with your friends the author and title of the music you’re listening to on Ares Galaxy! To turn on this option, just go to the Control Panel and tick the “Show what I’m listening to on MSN” box under the General tab.

Downloading torrents

There really is only one contender to the Ares Galaxy network when we’re talking sheer size and content, and that’s the bittorrent community. But you won’t have to put two or more different programs on your pc to download torrents, because Ares Galaxy can download and seed torrents for you! Turn on the “Make Ares my default torrent client” under the BitTorrent tab in the Control Panel to avoid having to choose Ares Galaxy every time you open a torrent file.

So much more

There’s also the integrated library, the specialized search feature, support for internet radio, including SHOUTcast and more, but the most amazing thing is and remains: Ares Galaxy is totally free! So get the Ares free download now by clicking on the download link at the right side of this page and start exploring the Galaxy!

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