Ares Galaxy - Download our award winning peer-to-peer software free. With Ares Galaxy you can download unlimited Music, Videos, Games, Software Apps and more. Ares Download is 100% Free!

P2P File Sharing Software

Ares is a P2P sharing program. It can be used to download torrents and is the only software that can connect to the Ares network. Apart from unlimited downloads, it also offers a media library, a media player, online radio and TV streaming, live chat, and more!

Unlimited Free P2P Downloads

Ares gives you access to unlimited free peer to peer downloads. Movies, applications, games, music, documents, books: you name it and we’ve got it! Best of all: Ares is free to download and open source. It will never cost you a single penny!

Ares Galaxy P2P

Innovative Features

Unlike other P2P programs, Ares has more than just fast downloads to offer. For example, there’s the free Ares file sharing chat network, the dozens of real-time TV and radio streaming channels and plenty more. All these premium services are free to use and come included with our Ares free download.

Limitless Downloads

We don’t put any speed caps or download limits on your connection. Ever! Any Ares user can download what they want, whenever they want, however much they want, and at a speed limited only by your own connection and those of your peers. Ares Galaxy is a tool to help you find what you want and hand it to you on a silver platter. How you use it is entirely up to you!

Decentralized P2P

Ares Galaxy uses a decentralized P2P network, which means that all files in the two major supported networks (Ares and BitTorrent) are located on the machines of the peers themselves. There is no central server and there isn’t even a central Ares server for indexing or maintenance tasks. Ares is pure P2P and can never be shut down as long as people keep using it!

Ares Network

In 2003, about one year after the first launch of Ares, we created our own P2P network for our users. Accessible and searchable with a handy function located right at the top of the Ares Galaxy program, browsing the Ares P2P network is easier than any downloading option you’ve ever seen before. Additionally, the Ares protocol is difficult to block, meaning that it should work even on restricted networks.


With torrents having become everyone’s favorite way of downloading content, Ares Galaxy moved quickly and established itself as one of the premier torrent clients in the world. Many people first download Ares as an alternative to their dedicated torrent client, only to then switch over completely. After all: Ares Galaxy is as good as any top torrent client, but offers a huge amount of extras!

Multiple Connection Streams

Ares Galaxy can automatically connect to a great amount of peers in simultaneously, resulting in lightning-fast download speeds compared to various other P2P programs. Moreover, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of peers in the Ares Network and the millions of peers in the BitTorrent world, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever be faced with a shortage of peers or a less-than-stellar transfer speed!

Ares Media Library And Player

Any file you download through Ares Galaxy is stored automatically in the integrated Ares Media Library. Here, you can sort all your shared files per type, category, genre, or other information. From the library you just need a few clicks to preview or play your files with the Ares Media Player, also integrated seamlessly in our software. Organization and playing media files has never been this easy!

Search, Find, Download

Ares allows users to search specific file formats and limit the results based on complex filtering methods such as quality, size, length, genre, and more. With Ares, finding the exact free download you are looking for is as easy as going for a walk in the park.

Live Previews

Have you ever downloaded a large file from the internet only to then discover that it’s actually the wrong file, or in a wrong language or version? Thanks to the Ares live preview feature, that will never happen again. All audio, video and image content can be previewed with Ares before you download the entire file. This is sure to save you a lot of time in the long run.


We believe in free software. That's the greatness of open source. Ares - Download our great P2P file sharing software onto any computer including machines in commercial places and organizations. Ares Galaxy requires no registration whatsoever, and is as simple to use and setup as can be.


Just after you download the setup file, you will have to double click the downloaded file. The automated installation process will immediately start. You can now use freely the Ares Galaxy after successful installation.

System Requirements

Windows 7/Win8/Win8.1/Windows 10
Supported for Windows 32-bit and x64 Editions