Ares - Download our award winning peer-to-peer software free. With Ares Galaxy you can download unlimited Music, Videos, Games, Software Apps and more. Ares Galaxy is 100% Free!

Fast Downloads

One of the biggest features that Ares provides to users is the ability to automatically find more sources to download the file from. This will greatly increase the speed you receive on each of your downloads. Ares P2P software itself will handle all of this with no configuration required, all you need to do is leave Ares to do all of the hard work and watch the speeds slowly rise until the file has completed.

Audio & Video Player

If you're interested in listening to music or watching videos or movies, then you'll be glad to know that you can do both in the same piece of software. Ares includes a built-in audio & video player to keep you entertained while downloading. You are also able to preview files while they're in progress, which can be great if you're downloading music albums or movies. Shoutcast radio stations are also supported.

Ares Galaxy P2P - Features

Ares is completely free to download and includes some great features which will come in handy in a P2P software. It supports a variety of different protocols to make downloading files much, much easier. In the latest releases, torrent files were supported allowing you to download from one of the biggest file sharing networks on the internet today.

Organized Library

The files that you download are also organized very well into a library so that you can easily access them all when you've downloaded them. The software comes pre-built with a quick-search feature, allowing you to quickly find any file that you've downloaded just by entering a keyword - which can be essential if you have a large number of files in your library. You can also choose to sort them by type or by category if you'd prefer.

DVD / CD Burner

Another great feature that Ares has built-in is a DVD & CD burner. This means that when you've finished downloading something, you'll be able to begin burning it straight away and won't have to try to find another piece of software to do the job for you. The burning process is quick and easy - it should work with any CDs, DVDs or games that you're looking to burn. Ares tries to incorporate as many features as it possibly can to give you everything you could ever need in one piece of software!

Ares Chat Rooms

If you're interested in chatting to people at the same time as downloading files to your computer, this is the best piece of software for you. You can easily and quickly create new chat rooms as well as join existing ones, which means you can meet new friends at the same time! You could also gain tips from other people about where to obtain good downloads and what you should actually download from the internet. All of these features show that Ares is a great program to download. It's free, easy to install and allows you to do much more than just obtaining the files you've been wanting.


Ares Galaxy has a community of over 30 million users worldwide who all share files with each other - over 100 million files are available to download from this software alone! Whether you're looking for a new HD movie release or a new video game, you should be able to find what you're looking for with Ares and won't need to spend hours of your time searching for it either. Ares is free to download, and features unlimited access so the only restrictions you have are on your internet connection speed.


You can use Ares Galaxy on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. Ares Peer-To-Peer is free to download, free to use, and does not require registration. Ares P2P - 100% free software.


After download, double click the Ares setup file and the automated installation procedure will begin. Ares Galaxy is now installed and ready for you to use.

System Requirements

Windows 7/Win8/Win8.1/Windows 10
Supported for Windows 32-bit and x64 Editions